Cascade and Skills 30:30

Business skills are essential for school leavers – but how do school leavers really know what these are or how they should go about getting these skills for their future employment?

During January Cascade participated in the FSB 30:30 workshop at Leigh Academy. This was a great environment for the 6th Form students who are soon heading into employment to hear from a number of businesses and to engage discussing what they might want to do in the future.

For Cascade it was a marvellous opportunity to meet with the Students and to find out their expectations of work in the future and what they could bring to the business. It was also a privilege to be able to help students understand the working world today and discuss the choices they might have. Discussions ranged from who buys Commercial Insurance and how quotes are obtained to what skills are needed and how this may cross over with other industries.

It was apparent that these students were well informed about business and keen to make their most of times with the businesses that attended. They were a credit to their school and will be a great addition to any employer in the future. How lucky we were to be part of this event!