Cyber Insurance; Are You Covered?

Like a hospital gown, you’re never quite as covered as you think you are.

The same can be said about your insurance policy – unless you’ve been through the finer details with a broker and know exactly what you are covered for.

The benefits of having an insurance broker as a small business include having an expert at the end of the phone who can ensure you have the right policy and the right level of cover.

Take, for instance, cyber insurance.

What Is Cyber Insurance?

Cyber-insurance is an insurance product used to protect businesses and individual users from Internet-based risks.

Do I Need Cyber Insurance?

A lot of our personal data is used in online transactions – from shopping, booking holidays, paying suppliers, all of which are done on a computer. Cybercrimes are committed by hacking into computers and taking personal – and business – information from names, addresses and bank details.

What Am I Covered For?

Depending on your policy, cyber insurance can cover a range of online related circumstances – from losses caused by damage, theft, disruption or corruption of your electronic data to covering costs of equipment damaged by corruption.

How Can I Get Cyber Insurance?

At Cascade Insurance, our expert broker, Julie, is at the end of the phone to talk about cyber insurance for your business – and personal – situation. Ensuring you have the right cover for your business is what we can help with.

Speak to Julie directly –